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My Lyn is the best sushi restaurant in Baden-Baden and Ettlingen for your one-of-a-kind dining experience. Use our online system to effortlessly reserve your seat at My Lyn Asian restaurant. And then? Brace yourself, because you’re going to indulge in ever-so-convenient service, enjoy the personalized hospitality, and feel the spirit of Asian cuisine refreshing your soul as you bite into your great-tasting sushi roll knowing the utmost compassion and care went into preparation.

Our Story


What makes a perfect Asian Cuisine & Sushi Restaurant? To us, it's about creating unforgettable, palate-pleasing culinary experiences, not just delicious recipes. So if you're dining at My Lyn Asian restaurant, be prepared to be served by a handpicked team of professionals for whom your utmost comfort is paramount. With a mind-blowing combination of nutritious ingredients, succulent taste, and the finest quality seasonings, we know how to create sushi as well as Asian foods that keep you drooling the second you see the menu.


Browse our gallery to fall in love with our finest Asian foods and uniquely stunning sushi platters. My Lyn is the best restaurant near you for getting loved ones, families, and friend groups in a premium place, allowing everyone to indulge in a memorable dining experience that they can all take home when the plates are empty and their tummies are full.



My Lyn means "my well-being" and we're all about giving you exactly what's in the name. We know enjoying delicious food and sustaining a healthier lifestyle go hand in hand. That's why at My Lyn, we don't just offer you a meal – we’re committed to masterfully crafting Asian foods for our customers with both taste and health in mind. From typical Chinese to Thai food and Japanese to Vietnamese cuisine, every single ingredient used in our mouth-watering dishes is carefully sourced and guaranteed to be fresh – with attention to high-quality standards.

Special selection


Deep fried Won Ton

(6 pcs) dumplings filled with minced meat

Spring Rolls

(2 pcs) filled with minced meat, carrots, onions, glass noodles and morels

Miso Soup

with soy bean paste, tofu

Vegan Tatar

Tofu, Avocado, Teriyaki

Fried tofu

cooked rice Red Thai Curry Sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables

Shrimps with Sauce

with fresh seasonal vegetables

Sake Inside Out

salmon, avocado, cucumbers, cream cheese, sesame or fish caviar


With Salmon

Sake Sashimi

8 slices of salmon filet

Lava Chocolate

Chocolate cake with a liquid core, served with ball ice cream

Good service quality makes up our reputation